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Family Law

Child Custody and Child Support

Attorney Huettner approaches all cases involving minor children with a high degree of sensitivity and with the paramount concern that the best interests of the children are preserved at all times. Custody and parenting arrangements, relocation of children to another state, continuity of involvement by both parents, and financial support issues are addressed thoroughly. When necessary, expert evaluations or the involvement of a guardian ad litem to investigate matters specifically impacting the children will be part of the process to ensure that the children’s health, safety and welfare are the top priority.


Spousal support raises a host of questions. How much will I be asked to pay, and for how long? Or, How much can I expect to receive, and for how long? What considerations factor into an alimony payment? Under what circumstances can an alimony award be changed? How does alimony balance with child support payments?

Every case is unique. Attorney Huettner will review with each client the potential of an award of spousal support, evaluate the financial aspects of the client's case, and help guide the client toward a just result. In all such cases, the client is teamed with, or encouraged to consult with, a tax advisor to confirm the tax aspects of all such financial arrangements.

Asset Valuation, Asset Division, and Debt Allocation

Massachusetts law looks to the equitable distribution of assets in a divorce. “Equitable” in this sense means “fair” - not necessarily “equal”. Before assets in a marriage can be allocated, they must be valued. Attorney Huettner has access to an array of experts who can value and appraise real estate, business interests, pensions, and personal property in order to provide realistic figures that will assist in the negotiation of a fair settlement, or that can be used to strengthen arguments made in court.

Just as important to a client’s financial stability is the matter of debt allocation, and identifying the origin of all of the liabilities that the parties accumulated during their marriage. Allocating these debts as fairly as possible is as important as distribution of assets for the long-range financial stability of the client. Where debt management has become problematic, Attorney Huettner provides clients with referrals to financial experts and advisors as part of the team that will help guide each case toward a successful conclusion.

Contempt and Modification Actions

When the terms of an order or judgment have been violated, Attorney Huettner will provide zealous representation to ensure that a contempt action is brought forward to enforce those terms.

If, on the other hand, a party is seeking to change an existing order, Attorney Huettner will evaluate the case to determine whether such a modification can happen at all, and whether a sufficient change in circumstances has occurred that would warrant an alteration in the order. While all matters relating to minor children, including child support, are modifiable as a general rule, other aspects of a judgment may not be able to be changed, depending upon the language of the orders or judgment.

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